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Berlin on Good Day Dallas

Berlin's on Good Day Dallas Nov 14. They said "Animal"s too racy for their audience (wow! Déjà vu, another Berlin song's banned in the South!). We'll play With The Lights On (no one tell them what it's about), Take My Breath Away & No More Words. Good Day Dallas, 7:30am. Buy Animal @ Amazon…

Win tickets to see Berlin in Texas

TEXAS! We’re coming down to see you and want you all to come out and play with us. If you don’t have tickets yet, you can enter to win some by commenting on this post on our Facebook page and sharing with us a memory from your life that you associate with your favorite Berlin song. We’ll pick…

Berlin on Extra

Our performance on Extra is going to air this weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us perform and be sure to tune in to see us! Check here for info: Buy Animal @ Amazon » Buy Animal @ iTunes » Buy Animal signed » #BerlinAnimal

Animal video shoot

We shot the new Animal video last Saturday with Chad Michael Ward directing. Wow is it weird and sexy! He took it BEYOND what I was hoping for this song. Here are some stills from my camera and from friends: This one's from Matt Beard, who shot the album cover. The band with girlfriends Susan and…

Steve Wozniak on Unbound

A shot from our interview with Steve Wozniak today after we taped "The US Festival Show" at KCSN. It airs this Saturday 10pm-midnight KCSN 88.5 FM Los Angeles or stream it from anywhere at Buy Animal @ Amazon » Buy Animal @ iTunes » Buy Animal signed » #BerlinAnimal

Message from Terri: Steve Wozniak interview

Doing "The US Festival Show" interviewing Steve Wozniak this Saturday!! Thank you so much for all the great question ideas! There are so many good ones, I will get in as many as I can, along with mentioning your name and city you're from if you'd like. Keep them coming! The US Festival Show on…

Message from Terri: The Heidi & Frank show

This Friday morning Dave, Carlton and I are guesting and playing on KLOS's Heidi & Frank Show. I was on their show once before when they were Frosty, Heidi and Frank on 97.1 Free FM and we did shots! I wonder if they will at 9 in the morning! The Heidi & Frank Show, 9am Friday Oct 25, 95.5…

Message from Terri: The Pauly & Monk Show

I'm guesting on The Pauly & Monk Show live Thursday night. Pauly is a friend of my KCSN 88.5 FM co-host Wendy Liebman, and a very funny guy. Let's see if I can keep up with him! Thursday at 7pm PST on ToadhopNetwork. Buy Animal @ Amazon » Buy Animal @ iTunes » Buy Animal signed…